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Top Ten Recipes From Top Chef

Are you an avid fan of the hit series Top Chef (now fast approaching double figures in terms of series)?  Have you always agreed with what Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, and Padma Lakshmi had had to say about the contestants and their recipes? Well don’t worry about what they have to say, as we have sifted through the episodes and got what we think are the Top Ten Recipes from the show.

Top Ten Food Combinations

There are many culinary treats in this world that make eating food an absolute pleasure.  But striping it right back to basics, there are some combinations of food that truly compliment each other.  Existing in an relationship of symbiosis, defying normal logic but pleasing none the less to our palette. Oh yes, it’s these very combinations that have built the basis to not only many different meals, snacks and recipes but […]

Top Ten Vodka's

Vodkas Don’t All Taste the Same On your numerous relapse’s with lady liquor you may think that most Vodka’s taste exactly the same but oh how wrong you would be.  This simple, clean and clear devils juice is more complex than you think.  You need look no further than the ingredients used during the distilling process t refine the flavours.   For example, wheat vodkas are smooth and soft while rye produced […]

Top Ten US Masterchef Recipes

Not All About the F-Bomb Did you enjoy the 2010 series of MasterChef (we rated this the best cooking show format back in August 2009)with Gordon Ramsey ramming abuse down the television set like sausage meat into the submucosa (commonly known as the sausage casing)?  Well it was not all swearing and under cooked fish, oh no, there were actually some pretty good dishes cooked during the first season. Unleash the Inner […]

Top Ten Summer Cocktails

Gearing up for an Antipodean Christmas in the sun?  Then impress your guests with stylish liquid refreshments that seduce their taste buds and keep them as cool as a naked Norwegian chick in the snow.  You can forget those cocktail recipe books with photos from the eighties, you know the ones, they are always on special at your local bookstore.  The Quickten have scoured the world for the best summertime […]

Top Ten Winter Cocktails

Cocktails are often associated with white sandy beaches, parasols, neon signs, sunshine and handsome bartenders called ‘Jack’.  Thanks to the Quickten team you don’t have to wait until summer in fact you don’t even need Jack. Try some of these tasty tipples to melt away the chill of winter: The Godfather – 1 measure Amaretto, 2 measure whisky. Serve in a tumbler over ice. Mulled wine/gluhwein –750ml bottle merlot, 2/3 […]

Top Ten Foods With The Most Pesticides

Pesticides and herbicides are used on our foods constantly to improve yields and cut down on time at most industrial farms, but they can be VERY bad for your health no matter how much you wash them as these residues can seep into your foods. We have done a little bit of research and found the fruits and vegetables you should avoid unless you are sure that they come from […]

Top Ten Affordable Scottish Single Malt Whiskies

The world of Single Malt Whisky is a confusing one with hundreds to choose from ranging from $30 to thousands of dollars. The Quickten team have put together a list of excellent Scottish malts so you can avoid making a pricey mistake. Single malt whisky differs from other whisky in that it comes from only one distillery and is made with malted barley. Cragganmore 12 yr – Speyside. Medium dry, […]

Top Ten Tips For A House Party

It’s Time to Party You have an important party coming up at your house and you really need to make sure it goes well.  With this in mind The Quick Ten tam have put together a Top ten List for tips which will save you from having a disaster on your hands.  Just keep us in mind next time you have a party though and maybe set some beers aside […]

Top Ten Curry Recipes

The world of Curry is a vast one.  The amazing flavours, smells and textures of curry have been winning taste buds over for thousands of years from the Mesopotamians to the English.  But what are the best Curry recipes out there?  What flavour is the most popular and is used in numerous home cook recipes?  This Top Ten list looks to bring you the best of the best, so here we […]

Top Ten Sushi Rolls

Sushi – The Healthy(ish) Choice Some historians believe the first versions of sushi originated in the South East Asia area as early as the 4th Century. However as the health benefits have spread and sushi chiefs seeking new fortunes in different countries has increased so has the variety of sushi available. This has meant that sushi has become the favorite lunch time snack for many an office worker across the world. Quickly […]

Top Ten New Zealand Wine Grape Varieties

One of the Best Wine Produces New Zealand is fast becoming one of the finest wine producing countries in the world.  Their world renowned range of Sauvignon Blanc’s has really put them on the map.  But now they are starting to conquer the world with other great varieties of grapes that they use to create their varietal wine. Only the Best For Your Wine Rack Every wine connoisseur has either built their own wine […]

Top Ten Countries for Alcohol Consumption Per Capita

Drinking alcohol is a favourite past time of many people.  For some it’s a way of forgetting their tough day at work or maybe simply looking to relax during the weekend.  Show we have all had one too many and ended up doing something we regretted. But who takes it more seriously than others (and is in constant need of hangover cures)? Which country can claim to consume the most […]

Top Ten International Cuisines

There are a plethora of cuisines across the world with enough variations to keep you trying new things for the rest of your life.  But what are the most preferred international cuisines that people love regardless of where they live?

Top Ten New Zealand Takeaway Chains

Love them or hate them, takeaway or fast-food chains will always be there for you when you are feeling hung over, lazy or just because you feel like you can’t take another tofu salad.  But what are the best Takeaway chains in New Zealand? The ones that don’t serve up crappy little burgers made from cardboard.  New Zealand is inundated with high(ish) quality chains so lets try break it down into […]

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