Top Ten Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency

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Show me the money!

In these tight times of recessions and dwindling oil supplies its important that you think about how you can make your car more fuel efficient.  Lets face it the electric cars are still not quite there and I’m sure the oil companies will keep the hydrocarbon powered cars out of the mainstream market place until they figure out a way to make money from it.  But what are the best ways to save you money and make your car more fuel efficient?
  1. Purchase a fuel efficient car – simple yes but it will get you the most gains
  2. Perform regular maintenance and services such as: clean spark plugs, oil change, check distributor cap
  3. Improved aerodynamics
  4. Keep your speed consistent rather than up and down acceleration
  5. Keep your tires correctly inflated
  6. Choose the right petrol for your engine size and model
  7. Don’t idle, if you are stop for a while then turn your car off (some cars such as the latest BMW 1 series do this automatically but will start again when you push the clutch in)
  8. Only use air conditioning when you need it
  9. Make sure your petrol cap is secured tightly so petrol can not evaporate
  10. Use the recommended grade of oil for your car

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  1. September 24, 2009  12:05 pm by soilyboy Reply

    pulse and a treat oh and dont use cruise control

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