Top Ten British Sports Cars

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An image of the Aston Martin Vantage in powder blue

Simply stunning

When the average person thinks of sports car they conjure up images of Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porshe, which is absolutely fine. Of course if you have real finesse, imagination and seek the automotive Holy Grail – a balance of fun, power, style and leather, then ditch the dancing donkey and the laughing cow and take a look at what the British can do.

Yes it is boner inducing excitement but without falling asleep after sex, it is pure artistic engineering that goes faster then shit of a Teflon shovel. Behold the Quickten’s Top 10 greatest British sports cars. Whether your preference is for classic or modern it’s cool Britannia all the way to the race track.

Slight Speed Demon? Avoid the Escort Passport 9500ci

Aston Martin Vantage – Bond drives one no further comment needed.


Jaguar XKR – Comfort and power, looks pretty sexy too.


TVR 350 – Handles like a pig on acid but looks and sounds incredible, its fast too!


Lotus Exige – 0-60 in under 5 seconds, an affordable pocket rocket.


Triumph TR5 – Triumph at is 4 wheeled best.


Aston Martin DB5 – Cooler than a naked cucumber skiing in Siberia


Morgan Plus 18 – hand built craftsmanship.


M600 Noble – so quick NASA are in negotiaitions with them.


Cateram 500 – homemade and faster than a Bugatti.


Ariel Atom – with 600bhp and no windscreen it is one manic car!

The only problem with writing this list is we had to leave out so many, like the Austin Healy, the e-type jag, the Westfield TR (a nifty car not a shopping centre) and of course the MG Midget!

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