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Top Ten Most Dangerous Destinations to Visit

Are you looking for a new place to go and visit on holiday, something that is a little bit off the beaten track? Well here are some countries you definitely want to avoid when planning a “different” vacation or you might not end up coming back from it.

Top Ten Phobias

A lot of people suffer from one or many different forms of phobia throughout thier lives.  Some of them are very strange and a little questionable. But what are the most common forms of Phobia in the world?  

Top Ten Most Hated Professions

Appreciated? Not Really. Hated? Yes. This is the Top Ten list for the most hated professions in the world. It was a tough list to come up with overall and of course contains a few sweeping generalizations.  However for the long suffering crew here at The Quick Ten, number one was the easiest! Traffic Wardens truly do encompass everything people hate in a profession on a day to day basis.  If they […]

Top Ten Break Up Lines

They are lame as they are essential but break up lines never the less are something to be shared and ultimately laughed at. We are sure that its not really you or your are in a bad space right now but lets take a bit of time out to recognise the best break up lines.

Top Ten Foods for Curing a Hangover

Not Such a Great Idea But We can Cure it Most of us have gone through the pain and suffering of a self induced, hedonistic hangover.  At the time you thought it was the best idea to keep drinking till 4am and get up for work at 7am whilst slurring the famous words of “I’m not even drunk”.  Maybe you had an excuse because it was St Patrick day and you […]

Top Ten Hybrid Cars

“The world is going to end if you don’t buy it” is generally the term that hybrid car salesman generally say when trying to flick on these types of cars. So what is the top ten list of hybrid cars in the world?

Top Ten Travel Tips for Long Haul Flights

Going on holiday is great fun but the long haul flights to get to some of the destinations can be an absolute nightmare. If you have every sat on a flight from London to Auckland via Hong Kong, sitting next to a man who thought it appropriate to wear no deodorant and clear mucas from his throat every 2 seconds, then you have lived my nightmare. But it does not […]

Top Ten Sports Teams in the World

Regardless of the sport there are some teams in this world that stand out as the best of the best.  The envoke true pride in a nation and put fear in the heart of its opponents.  Sure maybe there is a little bias in this list but I think a fair proportion of people will agree that they are truly great in many measures.

Top Ten Cars for Bogans

They love thier cars those bogans but what cars do they love the most?  At we have come up with a list I’m sure everyone can appreciate.

Top Ten Places in South Pacific

Is your boss giving you a hard time, the weather is crap, daylight minimal and you cannot handle another minute in the traffic jam? If the answer is yes then you are in serious need of a holiday!  But this time lets take you somewhere a little different, where the water is pristine, the weather is hot, the people friendly and the sunsets amazing, yes we are talking about the South Pacific. […]

Top Ten Classic Cars

Are you beginning to hit  a mid-life crisis or looking to live out a boy hood dream of rocking up to your next party in a James Bond classic?  Well there are certain cars out there that have captured the imagination of many an automotive nut for years and will continue to do so as the cars seemingly timeless design’s re-capture a new generations hearts. But what classic cars are […]

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in New Zealand

Land of the Long White Cloud New Zealand is an breathtakingly beautiful place with a plethora of amazing natural attractions that have seen explorers, tourists, and movie makers alike beating a path there for years.  So much so the New Zealand government even got in a slight bit of bother when they crumbled under the pressure of high flying movie execs to subsidize the filming of The Hobbit films. Now, we are not politicians […]

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